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Neuro-Physiological Therapy does help children with...

  • special educational needs (SEN)
  • general learning difficulties (GLD)
  • specific learning difficulties; dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia
  • speech and language difficulties
  • autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • schizoid personality disorder


Mother (Infant Teacher) of David whose ‘poor writing’ was causing him to dread going to school

January 2010

You are probably on this website or reading this testimonial because you are considering Pete to work alongside your child. I would therefore like to share with you our journey throughout the past twelve months or so.

Let me begin with David, he is our 8 year old son. A happy boy but one who has never been greatly interested in writing. I am a teacher myself and so when in nursery and beyond I put this down to him being an “emergent” or simply “reluctant” writer. Incidentally, we also have an older daughter who is totally the opposite in the writing stakes..

Having been to a Parents Evening in year 3 I became more concerned and spoke with staff at David’s school. We had lost a very established Reception teacher as Will entered reception and I thought maybe he had just slipped through the net (with a less experienced teacher) in the developmental stages of writing and letter formation and this had gone unnoticed ?

So in true “teacher style” we went back to basics.  We sat together to complete written work talking about where the letters started, which went below the line etc. 


In yr 4 things changed dramatically. David started complaining about going to school on Friday because it was “Big Write” and homework became a nightmare often ending in tears and tantrums. Not only from David but also me. I was called into school to be asked why David’s writing was so illegible in school and much improved in homework. My answer “because we sit together going through EVERY detail together” something no class teacher could be expected to do on a daily basis with a class of 30.


I had been given Pete’s details by a colleague because he had been working with a child they knew with amazing results. After a homework session where I realised that this was becoming unproductive as well as being stressful for both Will and I we called Pete. At this point I also questioned what this was doing to David’s self esteem?

On Feb 16th 2009 Pete carried out a Neuro Developmental Diagnosis on David. Before this he explained in brief what would happen and what he would look for. Pete asked me lots of questions about David’s birth and early years development. We had not been with Pete for more than 15 minutes before he was pointing out specific things that he was noticing about David.

The summary of our report stated that David had 21 developmental alerts of varying degrees. He had retained many Primitive Reflexes and Postural Reflexes also showing immature Gross Muscle Co-ordination. To put it into a nut shell Will had retained many baby reflexes which in most children go as they grow up and this was causing problems for him. Most noticeably in his writing skills and speed. He was often fidgety and unable to settle to tasks. 


We decided to commit to the programme with Pete following this. So how did this work? After that initial assessment we were given an exercise designed to lessen and inhibit the reflex that we were working on. This took us about 10 minutes once a day. We also had lots of practical advice on how we could make things better both at home and at school for Will.


Pete would come to us every 6 weeks or so and the exercises changed to work on different areas as needed.

One thing which has always struck me about Pete is the fantastic rapport he has when he is working with David and how conversation always includes or is directed at Will. As I look back on the last 12 months I am amazed at how David has improved both practically with his writing and in confidence. If anyone would have told me that doing a simple exercise once a day could bring about such a change I would have been sceptical to say the least. We are the proof that this programme does work and that change is possible. I don’t think David will ever be a prolific writer but now he is proud of what he writes and confident in his abilities. We have come such a long way with Pete’s help in a relatively short period of time. 

If you are considering this programme and want to chat further please ask Pete for my contact details. I would be happy to and have recommended Pete to both friends and colleagues.

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