Is your child struggling to learn?

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  • are they struggling at school?
  • do they have problems with reading, writing or maths?
  • do they have any difficulties with co-ordination and balance?
  • are you concerned about their behaviour?
  • are they on the SEN register?

Neuro Developmental Delay could be your answer to your question, 'Why?

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As a head teacher of a primary school, I became concerned about those children who, despite all the support and outstanding teaching, continued to perform below expectations.

Research led me to discover that about 75% of these had not fully completed very subtle steps in their neuro-physiological development.

This is called Neuro-Developmental Delay

Treatment for Neuro Developmental DelayTo find out if this is part of the underlying cause I need to look at your child's early development and what clues the body gives about the way in which information is transmitted to and from the brain. Despite knowing very little about your child, by looking at these clues, I should be able to describe what problems your child is having.

After this assessment, you decide whether or not the therapy is right for your child. If I cannot help, or you are not convinced, there is no fee.

If you do wish to carry on, I will prescribe a course of therapeutic exercises to be carried out daily, which should bring about significant improvements. Very rarely do I need to work for longer than 12 months with a child. I expect you to see some benefit after about three months.

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Neuro Physiological Therapy can really help with;

General Learning Difficulties Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Under performance at school - reading, writing and maths
  • Co-ordination difficulties - clumsiness;  issues with handwriting, eating and cutting
  • Poor balance and motor control - difficulties in sports, swimming, gymnastics, riding
  • Poor visual and/or auditory processing - not always understanding what they see and hear
  • Hyper/hypo activity – on the go all the time  or sometimes ‘hyper’ and sometimes ‘hypo’
  • Immature behaviour – acts like an infant
  • Inability to stay focused and fidgety
  • Impulsiveness/ Outburst of aggression – overreacts, doesn’t think, loses temper easily.
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Some Speech and language Difficulties
  • Some Physical and Sensory Difficulties

Is the therapy right for your child?

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  • Step 4
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  • Step 6

Firstly we have to decide if Neuro-Development Delay is a likely root cause. You can contact me to discuss briefly your child’s problems, though at this point I would prefer not to have too many details as I do not want to prejudice my assessment findings.

Following this discussion you will complete and return an ‘Early Development’ questionnaire which I will analysis. I will look at this and decide if I think I can help.

If I think I can help, I will arrange to do a half day assessment on your child, with you present. I will look at your child's:

  • Primitive (baby) and postural (grown up) reflexes

  • Balance and co-ordination

  • Crawling and creeping

  • Left and right dominance

  • Hand eye co-ordination

It is during this assessment that I will start to describe to you what I think your child's problems are and how I can help.

Assuming that your child does have Neuro Development Delay and you wish to proceed further, I will train you and your child to do the first therapeutic exercise.


I will write a report on your child and send it to you within 7 days. You should give a copy of the report to your child's school and anybody else working with your child.


I will arrange to see you within 14 days to go through the report and see how the exercise is progressing.


By agreement I will reassess your child, check progress and decide on the next exercises every 6 to 8 weeks, for a period of 12 months. Very rarely do I need to work for longer than 12 months with a child. I expect you to see some benefit after three months.


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